Intimate Apparel

If you want to see a hilarious satire on how we engage (or better, disengage) with the arts in Australia, then pop along and see Intimate Apparel.

Presented as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, Intimate Apparel comes from comic genius Michael Dalley and co-stars Comedy Inc celebrity Paul McCarthy.

Anyone who saw Dalley’s last cabaret, Vaudeville X (that became so popular, it is still enjoying revivals several years on) will not be disappointed with this new work.

I was so impressed with Vaudeville X, I saw it three or four times in a couple of different incarnations. Fortunately, Intimate Apparel is more of the same – biting satirical musical numbers so witty, it feels like you’re watching an Oscar Wilde musical.

This time Dalley explores how we get intimate with the arts (or not so) and no one is left untouched. From gay culture to feminism. From high art to crude attempts at Asian theatre. From Grotowski to Butoh. From Beckett to Brecht. This show will have you laughing so hard your tummy will hurt afterwards!

Especially relevant for Drama/Theatre teachers and actors due to the many references in the show (oh, and arts administrators get a special mention), Intimate Apparel is an hour of craftily written numbers and clever humour delivered via strong vocal and performance skills by Dalley and McCarthy.

Cabaret at its finest. Highly recommended.

Tickets only $20.
Dante’s, Gertrude St., Fitzroy.
Remaining performances Thu 4 – Sat 7 Oct, Thu 11 – Sat 14 Oct.
Bookings though Melbourne Fringe Festival.
Background article from The Age.
Review from The Age.

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