iOS Broadway Apps

If you love Broadway theatre, then mobile apps are a must-have. This way you can catch up on the latest Broadway news while you’re on the go. Here’s four iOS Broadway apps for your iPhone or iPad. Enjoy!

BroadwayWorld HD:’s brand-new HD iPhone and iPad app provides the full editorial content of the largest theatre web site in the world including breaking news, photos, videos, top stories, special offers, reviews and extensive coverage of theatre. Experience on the iPad! Get live updates of Broadway news, features and interviews as well as celebrity photos, exclusive videos and information and tickets to all the hot shows with this free app made exclusively for the iPad. The Broadway League’s official on-line headquarters for Broadway information in NYC, as well as for shows on tour across North America. Get tickets at all price points to every current and upcoming show, direct from the theatres’ official ticketing offices. The app also provides up-to-date show and theatre information in six languages, as well as a guide to hotel and dining.

IBDB: The Internet Broadway Database is a comprehensive database of shows produced on Broadway in New York City from the very beginnings of commercial theater through to the present day and into the future. IBDB presents all “title page” information from each production as well as other historical information and facts. IBDB is managed by the Research Department of The Broadway League, the national trade association for Broadway.

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