iOS Line Learning Apps for Drama

The fifth in a series of posts exploring iOS applications for drama students. Here’s a couple of apps assisting students in the memorisation of lines, plus an app that times dialogue (useful for theatre monologues).

My Lines / My Lines Lite: My Lines is a tool that assists actors in memorizing their lines. It presents the script in a way that shows the lines of the actor’s role separate from those of the other roles. It helps to minimize the need to have a second person help with the lines. In addition to viewing the script, the recording capability allows you to record the lines of the script. When the script is ‘played’ back, it will stop when it gets to the actor’s line. Pressing next will then continue the playing of lines until the actor’s next line.

Scene Buddy: A tool to help actors memorize lines of dialogue for a scene. Each character’s line is displayed page by page. Before starting the script, select the character you are playing and that character’s dialogue will be covered up. You can show the dialogue if you forget the line. The dialogue of other characters will be audible using text-to-speech.

ScriptTimer: Time your scripts, speeches, and presentations with amazing accuracy. Just start typing and instantly see how long all the text in the document will take to read aloud. ScriptTimer is ideal for anyone who writes copy on the go that will later be read out loud. It’s perfect for broadcasters, journalists, voiceover artists, lecturers, and after-dinner speakers, as well as for presentations and wedding speeches.

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