Juno The Roman Goddess Is A Star

Continuing with the current theme of recent posts about fine acting in Oscar-nominated films, 20-year old Canadian Ellen Page is an absolute star in the title role of Juno.

What an honour to be nominated for Best Actress at such a young age, alongside a bunch of highly acclaimed industry veterans. The actor has also been nominated for the Leading Actress award at the upcoming BAFTAs. And if you’ve seen Juno, it is in fact her age that blows you away. For many people this may be the first or second time they’ve seen Ellen Page on the screen (perhaps also in X-Men The Last Stand). Either way, she was only 17 years old when they first started shooting Juno. Any high school Drama/Theatre teacher would be more than happy to have a talent such as this young lady in their senior class.

For myself, this was the first time I had seen Page on film. While there is no doubting the strong screenplay by Diablo Cody is a contributing factor to the success of the character of Juno (she has so many fantastic lines in the film), Page’s skills as a young actress are nothing short of sensational. Don’t be fooled, Ellen Page has an outside chance for the Oscar, come February 25. While her competition in the Best Actress category is tough, she thoroughly deserves her nomination and just as her young age is a source of bewilderment for her outstanding talent, nor should it be a reason for the Academy voters to ignore her genuine skills and merit for consideration of the award.

As far as I’m concerned, Ellen Page is the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to contemporary examples of educating teenagers about great acting. Watching Juno will be smack in the ballpark for most of my senior Drama students when school starts for 2008 in a few days time. Nothing better than a (then) teenager on screen teaching another teenager about fine acting, by simply doing it.

Task No.1 for my seniors for 2008 – go to the movies and critique Ellen Page in Juno!

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