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  1. Gideon Moses says:

    Please what is the differences between literary and non literary concepts of drama?

  2. As a theatre artist, highlight the concept of theatre in three different perspectives

    1. Please anyone with an answer to this question?

  3. What are some concepts that Brecht used that highlight his style or work?

    1. Verfremdungseffekt (translated as “defamiliarization effect”, “distancing effect”, or “estrangement effect”, and often mistranslated as “alienation effect”).

  4. That is good even thought i did not get it the way i like.
    But thank you.

  5. juian thanks says:

    thank you so much for the notes. being a first yr at UZ they were of much help

  6. PstJosiah John Jossy says:

    Drama has been one of my favourite in which the article was good enough and makes to shapen my understanding about Drama.


    The article has indeed simplified my understanding of drama and its concepts, though it’s precise.

  8. I am a drama student at level one ncea and this has helped me as drama is my favourite subject and it will help me become a better students 🙂


  9. o wow. i went with a group of my friends to australia for a month! [a foriegn exchange thing during my summer].
    thank you for some of your notes!