Lego School Based On Play


Catching up on a bit of professional reading last week, I came across an article by Jo Earp in the excellent Australian Teacher Magazine about the world’s first Lego school in Denmark. The doors of The International School of Billund were opened to 75 young children in August this year.

The principles on which this Lego school is based are …

  • imagination
  • creativity
  • play

… in a learning environment where each child feels

  • safe
  • secure
  • happy

… where play

  • is used to generate units of inquiry
  • and enables children to have a sense of ownership with their work

These are the very things we strive to achieve in drama education. Our classes should be a safe and comfortable learning environment for our students, where creativity is nurtured in a drama curriculum incorporating play. Like the Lego school, our drama classes are a place for our students to learn important life skills during play, such as

  • communicating
  • collaborating
  • negotiating
  • socialising
  • compromising

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