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  1. Great!!
    Knowing Victoria who played Jane Banks i know that they are very talented kids. I saw it and it was fantastic. I like to tell everyone to see it.

  2. West Side was FANTASTIC! Leads with great voices, incredible dancing, simple but effective staging.

    Josh Piterman as Tony was great – what an amazing voice! I personally think he was stronger than the actor on Broadway, nicer tone and more masculine. Save from the overuse of his killer vibrato, he was vocally faultless. Not much of a mover, but then again the role didn’t need it.

    Julie Goodwin was also super as Maria. Stunning clarity of voice, AND faultless accent, even in high soprano!

    We got the understudy as Bernardo – boy was he good!

    Ensemble was super strong in terms of dancing, but the Jets did struggle vocally through some of those numbers. My god that choreography was demanding and just to be able to speak would have been hard!

    Overall: Awesome!

    Lesson: Always go for the show with hungry, raw, young talent. that’s where the action is!

    Bonus: Also great to see a young female conductor, it’s pretty rare.

    Only gripe was the use of tacky rear projected b/w images for a backdrop and the unnecessary opening and closing of the cyc curtain, which was an unwelcome distraction.


  3. I totally agree with you Mike.

    The Good:
    Cute kids, chorus numbers were nice vocally, some nice character moments, nice gimmicks for the kiddos (Mary ‘flies’ through the audience), some nice dance numbers (particularly the chimney sweeps)

    The Bad:
    3 mic malfunctions, P-plate follow-spot operators, actors struggling with accent consistency, little boy with pitching issues, timing, timing, timing – major tempo issues, particularly at the start (I know kid’s attention spans are short, but take your time Eyre, no need to rush – in fact you cannot establish a haunting or ‘mystical’ atmosphere by rushing through scenes, and you cannot cover up a weak opening by rushing either), total lack of tension, and Mary who has much less than a spoonful of sweetness.

    Broadway it isn’t, and unfortunately I’m beginning to lose faith in our ability to put on world class musical theatre. I had always argued that it was because we always cast big names with no talent just to get as many suckers to shell out the dosh (Guys and Dolls a good example). But this time I’m at a loss. We just can’t compete. Shame.

  4. good. Being a fan of the movie is not required, and in fact may be a disadvantage.
    AS family fun, it’s terrific.
    I dunno, something about it just didn’t work for me.
    Too sweet. Too Disney.
    And part of me wanted to bring down Mary a notch or two with that continual know it all superiority complex that she rightly has.but doesn’t need to remind us of every moment.
    Julie Andrews just WAS practically perfect, it was just obvious.
    Here, Disney seems terrified that we might forget.
    I wanted to be more smitten by her like I was when I was a kid.
    And for $100 + a seat, darn it, I should’ve fallen in love with her, and I didn’t. It’s good, and if you’re rich, take your lucky brats. But honestly poorer kids; watch the movie. You’ll LOVE Mary, and maybe cry like I did when she leaves.

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  6. Cool. Yes, please let us know what you thought of both of these shows once you see them Borbs. I’m looking forward to West Side Story, too.

  7. Sounds like you really enjoyed it! Seeing it next week, followed by West Side. Saw WSS on Broaday ’09, it’ll be intersting to see the comaprison! I’ll tell you my thoughts.