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  1. Just another person wanting to find out audition dates for Mary Poppins… i know she isn’t cast yet so i thought i might have a chance.

  2. Please could you let me know when auditions for Mary Poppins (or the children’s parts) will be held in Brisbane or where we send audition cd or letter applying for auditions.

    I can’t seem to find this information in any of the media releases or on the Disney site.

    Would very much appreciate the help.

    Thank you for your time

  3. Me too! Could you please advise me where I can send my CD for the continued Mary Poppins casting process? Any information would be fabulous.
    Thank you in anticipation.

  4. Hi, I don’t have an agent, but I hear they’re willing to hear anyone for the role of Mary Poppins. My heart flutters! Does anyone know where I could audition or where I could send a CD? I live in Adelaide…

  5. Can I audition, if its not to late, I have been in two short films, and as an extra soon we will be filming a feature film I am in! I am 11 years old by the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hello, I would like some information on the Company producing Mary Poppins .Thank you Cheryl

  7. Would like info on when the public auditions for Mary Poppins will be in Melbourne please.

  8. I would LOVE to know when the audtions are for Mary Poppins! Could you please e-mail the dates and where they are asap. I know they’re coming up but i don’t know when they are =( Please e-mail me the details. Thanks very much

  9. Hi,
    I’m aware this is an acting site, but I’m wondering about crew jobs on this production. I was hoping you’d be able to send some info about the company putting on the show or when auditions or the like are to be held and perhaps the auditioners/SM’s info so I could try to get onto someone about getting involved.

    thanks a lot.

  10. Hi, me and my friend were wondering if we could audition for Mary poppins. If anyone knows any information about auditions at all, whether they’re open auditions or not and what not. If you could please email me at this email it would be much appreciated:

  11. Hi, i am also wondering when the melbourne auditions are being held! i am a dancer/singer looking to find a job in music theatre.

    Thank you

  12. Hi, my name is Hayley Dungan.
    I’m 19 and am currently studying classical voice at University. I would greatly apprieciate the audition dates/details even if the calls are not open to the public.
    Also, is there an agency you would suggest I go through to maximise my chance of being able to secure an audition?
    I can be contact at:

    Thankyou very much

  13. hi, my name is louise and i am a 13 year old girl
    can you please send me the dates for mary poppins and other auditions comming up
    thanks 🙂

  14. Hi my name is Phoebe and I along with everybody else would greatly appreciate if someone could please email me the details of the open auditions for Mary Poppins in Sydney. (If there are infact open auditions that is) Thankyou muchly!

  15. Dear Parents,

    Please read the post before commenting here. It is highly unlikely “open” auditions will be occurring for Mary Poppins in Australia. Your son/daughter will need to be represented by a casting agent who will receive notification of audition details.

    Justin (website admin)

  16. plz tell me all the auditions for mary poppins or any other show tht cums up for a tanned girl with black hair

  17. can u plz tell me wen any new auditions cum up for a 12-13 year old girl
    and the auditions has to be in Melbourne thanks

  18. hey i’m just wondering the details for the melbourne auditions. where they will be held, date, time, criteria all that kind of stuff so when you find out information could you please send it to me.

  19. Hey, I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me details about the mary poppin auditions. I’m finishing school this year and am very eager to break into musical theatre, if possible.
    Thanks alot!

  20. could you please send me the relevant information for the mary poppins auditions in melbourne when and where they will be held thankyou

  21. hi im carina just wondered when auditions were ide really like to try out im 12 and dedicated to dancing and acting plus singing plz send me dates time and details id really appreciate that

    thank you love Carina with hope

  22. Thanks for your comments Smarty Pants. Hopefully this will clarify things for a lot of people on here.


  23. In most cases these auditions are open to agent submission only. You stage mums out there who’s child is an amazing talent should seek professional representation. If your child is a star through the audition process your child should be easily able to land an agent who will then give you audition information. Do your research. Some auditions will be open to public and for this reason will be publically published for example the recent open call for spring awakening and years ago the von trapp kids in the sound of music. These are usually how few and far between open calls are. The only others are theme parks when they are 18 and Australian idol etc

  24. Please let me also know the details for Mary Poppins
    Audition. If you could send me any relevant information.
    Thanks so much!

  25. Hi
    I’d also would like info on the Auditions for marry poppins,
    When , Where the auditions for melbourne.
    I do cpa and love dancing and singing
    can any one help me with info ,please send email to

  26. hi.
    i was wondering if you, or someone, could email me the details of this audition. i have been told i suit the part of jane for the past three months :):) am so excited.

    please email to

    thankkss xxxx


  27. Hi there, I also would love to audition for mary popins any details would be greatly appreciated! thanks so much

  28. Hi just wondering if i could have the details on when mary poppins auditions will be (date), where they will be held and what parts there are


  29. Hi, I would like to know when and where in October the Melbourne auditions for Mary Poppins will be taking place for my daughters, Kathryn and Hayley. Also what characters will be available.
    Sharon (mum)

  30. Hi there. I would love to fly over from New Zealand to audition for this musical. Was just wondering if you could please send me the time, dates and requirements for an audition?
    Thanks heaps,

  31. Well hello all you mary poppins fans.
    I to would love any information regarding audition times ect.
    My son would love to have a crack

  32. could you please send me all the information I require in order for my daughter to audtiion for Mary Poppins.

    Many Thanks

  33. Like everyone else on this site I am very interested in knowing when & where auditions are, please.

  34. Hi – Like everyone else on this site I am very interested in knowing when & where auditions are, please. Thank you!

  35. Hello iam 13 years old i would like to have the opportunity to audition for a part in Mary Poppins. I am in my 3rd year in ctca agency , aswell as 3rd year in cpca, including yabc broadway company. can you please send me some imformation how to go about it thankyou.

  36. it is me from the last message, i would like the audition times, dates and places for Jane Banks in melbourne please APAP . i also do CPCA (childrens performing company australia) and am fully committed to acting. so i have 6 years of professional singing, dancing and acting lessons.

    e-mail me on or

    much appreciated.

  37. Hi,

    I, also, would love to know the details for Mary Poppins auditions.

    ALL info would be very much appreciated!


  38. Hi,

    I would also like to audition for Mary Poppins. Could you please send me the detilas of when and where in Melbourne the auditions will be held plus any other important information. Otherwise could you please post it on your website.



  39. Hi,
    Seeing as there are many people asking, could you also send me through some details of the up and coming audtions for Mary Poppins. Maybe though once you have this information, you could possibly post it on your website.
    Thanks again.

  40. hello, could you please send me details on when and where auditions are being held for mary poppins. It would be a real experience to audition.
    Thankyou so much, Jalen

  41. I am VCE Drama student and was wondering if you would be able to send me the details for the Mary Poppins auditions for Melbourne, any information you can supply me in regard to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Yours in anticipation
    Grace Hart-Davies

  42. Hey!

    Would really like to know about auditions for Marry Poppins and how to register.

    Anyone know?


  43. Hey!

    Would love to know info about dates of the mary poppins auditions and how to register!

    Please ket me know!


  44. Hey.
    I would love to know the dates.
    and further details bout the mary poppins musical.
    Id love to audition
    THANKS 😀

  45. Hi I would love to get any info you have on the auditions for mary poppins for my son. Thanks

  46. Hello, I was just wondering when the auditions are for Jane & Michael, in Mary Poppins.
    Because I would really like to audition so I really need to know.
    Thank-you, Nikki.

  47. Hello!
    could yo please inform me when the and where the audtitions will be held for Mary Poppins

    Thank you!

  48. can you please also send me details on characters and times, dates and location of auditions. thanks

  49. Hi interested in audition roles for the kids in Mary Poppins . Seeking info re audition details , what age group are they looking at etc. Thanks

  50. Hi, could you please send me information/details for audition for the musical Mary Poppins. Thank you.

  51. Hi,
    could you please send me the details about the mary poppins auditions.

    Thanks a heap

  52. Hey,
    could you please send me the details about the mary poppins auditions.

    Thanks a heap

  53. Hello,
    Could you be kind enough to send me the details about the Mary Poppins auditions including what time, where, when, who and how much it will cost to auditons. Thankyou very much!

  54. Could you please email the audition details? When, Where, What, How, Who and what time. Thankyou very much.

  55. Hi guys,

    I’ll try to find out when and where Mary Poppins auditions are and post them on this site when I do!


  56. Can you please send details of how to audition for Mary Poppins The Musical for my daughter Erin?


  57. Hi,
    i was just wondering if you could send me the exact dates for the mary poppins auditions i would help my friend and i to audition to the best of our abilities and if you know when the rehersals are could you also send that. i will be in year ten next year and the rehesal scedual would help me see how much school i will be missing out on and if i can audition.

  58. hey
    i was wonderiing if you could also send me the details of when and where the auditons will be held for mary poppins?
    x 🙂 thanks

  59. hi i’d also like info on auditions- when where and all available characters

  60. Hey Could you please send me some info about when the auditions will be held in Melbourne?

  61. hello,

    can you please send me the details of the Mary Poppins auditions?
    i would like where it is and when it is.

    can you also let me know what characters are available?

    regards, jessica fry
    (03) 98765036

  62. Could you please let me know when & where in October, the auditions for Mary Poppins will be.

    Thank you.

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