McKellen’s Lear Arrives in NYC

After sold out performances in England, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, Ian McKellen’s stunning performances in Shakespeare’s King Lear and Chekhov’s The Seagull are about to open in New York’s Harvey Theatre at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

So here’s a few articles to wet your fancy if you didn’t see this production elsewhere (alas, I missed him recently in Melbourne, and considering Lear is my favourite play and McKellen a superb actor, this was a mistake I will no doubt regret for decades to come!).

This is the review of Mc Kellen’s King Lear at it’s opening Melbourne performance in late July from The Age, in which the reviewer closes by saying:

It is a great privilege to have seen the Royal Shakespeare Company perform King Lear. With richly interpretive direction, a brilliant cast and a searing performance from Ian McKellen in the title role, it is a production that will be talked about for generations to come.

Here’s a recent post on London’s The Guardian Theatre Blog stating why English actors peform Shakespeare better than the yanks in America and questioning whether an American actor could also have filled the theatre in the role of Lear, as McKellen will soon do in NYC?

And another article on Ian McKellen from today’s New York Times discussing the two plays and the actor’s preparation for the roles of Lear and Sorin.

In an age where many of the world’s finest theatre companies avoid King Lear because it is so huge it is often considered ‘unstagable’ and when McKellen’s director Trevor Nunn happily states the role of Lear is ‘beyond most actors’, these articles are well worth a read, indeed.

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