Melbourne Theatre Company Southbank Tours

At this time of Covid-19 and empty theatres, the Melbourne Theatre Company has recently invited the public to two fantastic tours of their Southbank Theatre complex – one a virtual tour in 3D and the other an online tour with a human guide showing you the way.

These tours take you through all areas of the Southbank building and its two theatres – the 559-seat Sumner and the 163-seat Lawler. The 3D tour is simply mind-boggling and can be viewed on auto pilot or step by step as you decide which areas you wish to visit. You can view this tour with in your browser or on a VR headset if you prefer.The guided tour is presented by Mark Wheeler, Theatre Operations Director at the MTC and is part of the Open House Melbourne.

Have you ever wanted to take a walk on the stage of the MTC? Well, here’s your chance. Both tours also take you up to the the fly tower of the Sumner, high above the stage floor. You can see where the stars prep before a show in the dressing rooms backstage or take a walk through the wings that are forever hidden from the audience’s view. Perhaps it is time to head into the lighting box or see the all the monitors prompt-side at the stage manager’s desk? Ever wondered where an actor goes to when they descend below the stage floor in the middle of a show? You’ll find out by visiting the basement beneath the stage floor of the Sumner theatre. You can even pop up to the soundproofed winch room and see the machinery that operates the flying system.

Drama and theatre students should find both of these tours fascinating, while the everyday theatre-goer will find visiting parts of the theatres normally off limits to the public an interesting glimpse into the magic that happens behind the scenes.

MTC Southbank 3D Virtual Tour

Melbourne Theatre Company Southbank 3D Tour

MTC Southbank Guided Tour

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