New Drama Victoria Web Forum

For local readers of The Drama Teacher, a new school year brings with it a new support forum from your teaching association, Drama Victoria.

The new web forum is only available to current members of Drama Victoria and is password-protected for teacher use, only. Sections (‘groups’) on the forum include:

  • VCE Drama (11-12)
  • VCE Theatre Studies (11-12)
  • Middle Years (7-10)
  • Primary (F-6)
  • Technologies
  • Cross-Curriculum Priorities

This new forum replaces the previous forum, which was able to be accessed from the Drama Victoria website, but was external. The new forum is integrated into the Drama Victoria website and is easy to use; looks a bit like a Facebook timeline … can’t get any easier than that.

Simply write a post in the relevant forum section (‘group’). If you wish to be notified of posts in a particular section (eg. VCE Drama), follow the prompts on the forum to belong to that group and receive email notifications when other people post in that group on the forum. Notification preferences can be changed in your forum profile, accessible from the forum sidebar. Different groups have a number of experienced educators specialising in that field as group leaders to assist everyone.

So, if you have a question about your teaching you hope a colleague at another school may be able to answer, simply log in to the web forum with your current Drama Victoria website login username and password and fire away!

If you have any questions about the new Drama Victoria forum feel free to email me.


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