New Year’s Resolutions

Late January or early February marks the beginning of the academic year for school students across Australia (the home of The Drama Teacher), so it may be an opportune time for us drama and theatre teachers to have a think about a few new year’s resolutions. If you teach drama or theatre in another part of the world on a different time line, the new year brings with it many opportunities to make change for the better, midway through the academic year.

To get the ball rolling, I’ll list a few of my own new year’s resolutions for my professional life as a high school Drama teacher, while I hope and pray none of my students accidentally or deliberately end up reading this post! If they do come across it in their travels, well at least I’ll be kept honest, hey?

Justin’s Top 10 New Year’s Resolution 2011

  1. be more organised
  2. learn to prioritise
  3. plan, plan, plan!
  4. use more technology in the drama classroom
  5. play more targeted drama games
  6. empower my students more
  7. make a greater number of my drama lessons fun for my students
  8. learn new ideas and concepts from my students
  9. implement student suggestions in my curriculum
  10. be more passionate about drama teaching than ever before!

Anyone else wish to share their new year’s resolutions below? Please, feel free to comment!

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  1. Michael (micoke) says:


    Great list!! Your number 4 & 5 would be on my list.

    Also on my list is to raise Year 12 marks, particularly in the end of year written exam.


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