No Child Resources

Here is a list of Internet resources I have compiled for those VCE Drama teachers who are going to see the performance of No Child at Theatreworks. They include various plot synopses, reviews (Off Broadway, Edinburgh, Brisbane, Melbourne), a podcast and several YouTube videos showing show excerpts and/or interviews with actor Nilaja Sun. Hope you find them useful in your preparation for the show!

New York Times Review (Off Broadway May 2006)

New York Magazine Review (Off Broadway May 2007)

The Guardian Review August 2010 (Edinburgh Festival)

ABC Australia No Child Podcast September 2012 (Brisbane Festival)

Melbourne Festival Synopsis October 2012

Arts Centre Melbourne Synopsis October 2012 (Melbourne Festival)

The Age Review October 2012 (Melbourne Festival)

Herald Sun Review October 2012 (Melbourne Festival)

Australian Stage Review October 2012 (Melbourne Festival)

ArtsHub Review October 2012 (Melbourne Festival)

Stage Whispers Review October 2012 (Melbourne Festival)

No Child at Theatreworks May 2013

Wikipedia “No Child Left Behind” Education Act

US Department of Education “No Child Left” Behind Education Act

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