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2 years ago

[…] The latter had a handmade quality, blending silent film techniques, stage trickery and eccentric object theatre in a manner not dissimilar to Thierrée’s shows. His role as Melville’s scrivener, who adopts […]

6 years ago

I am working on how to use object (Puppet )into other stuffs kinda modification. For eg; in theatre how could one use bedsheet in dramatic way or by transformation to something Els… the beginning it was not making any sense to me after reading this article I gotta idea of its purpose…. Worth reading it????

6 years ago

please i wanna get the documentation for this phrase :
Object Theatre is a term that we might argue has been ghettoised as a sub-category of puppetry, often used to describe a performance style that contains the animation of utilitarian, or pre-existing ‘found’ objects rather than those constructed for theatrical effect (such as the puppet). As a result, practitioners of ‘object theatre’ commonly share what I consider to be the key principle of puppetry: the anthropomorphic transformation of an object into a subjectified character (a box of spoons becomes a village, a sieve the head of a girl). – Richard Allen

david boje Ph.D.
9 years ago

I use Object Theater in working with homeless, veterans and their families. However, instead of a puppeteer, the people themselves select and arrange the objects.–9m4H7Y Here is a YouTube of formerly homeless veterans doing what Anete Strand calls Material Storytelling as a kind of Object Theater, in which the objects are selected by the participants, arranged to depict their life. In multiple rounds of Restorying, its possible for people to gain insight and understanding. ha more on the topic of going forward to move from sandtray theater into actual theater using improv to put on play to a paying audience, thus VETERANS THEATER became the homeless veterans one business, for ttheir own empowerment, and to speak back to power.

10 years ago

I did a very simple ‘object theatre’ as the final class with my year 8s last week. I gave them a selection of objects and they had to brainstorm character features before coming up with a show We did it on the back of a short puppet unit but it would be really good for exploring character.