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  1. Shakespeare’s influence on the English language is undisputed. To have the opportunity to see his plays in such an environment as a Pop Up Globe is absolutely amazing. Anyone new to Shakespeare seeing his plays performed as they are at the Pop Up Globe is really lucky as they will have the performances imprinted in their minds forever. Schoolchildren for instance, who have been put off Shakespeare by indifferent teaching will have a whole new take on something that can have a profound affect on their lives. For instance, whenever Shakespeare comes into a conversation at a future time, those having seen his plays at the Pop Up globe will be able to contribute in a meaningful way rather than feeling out of it. And let’s face it, we are talking about bright cheerful educated young people aren’t we? And therefore language discussion will inevitable be brought up at some time. Any teacher of English and drama should be absolutely falling over themselves to get to see the productions at Pop Up Globe. Their students will be invigorated.