Priscilla Queen of the Desert Opens on West End

priscilla-queen-of-the-desertAs this blog originates from Melbourne, Australia, here’s the first of two posts about Aussie’s overseas at the moment.

The stage adaptation of the 1994 film Priscilla Queen of the Desert has just openend on London’s West End to mostly positive, but mixed reviews. Jason Donovan is the musical’s main draw card in the role of Tick.

Here’s a taste of some of the reviews, linked below:

…given the unexplored richness of Australian theatre, it is a pity that this artistically buoyant country should now be represented in the West End by this garish throwback in which camp is determinedly overpitched. (The Guardian)

…It makes Mamma Mia! seem like something by Chekhov….the fastidious and the squeamish should avoid this show like the plague. Everyone else will have a terrific drag ball.(Telegraph)

…the stage version has everything, maybe more than everything, they could reasonably expect. (Times Online)

…crude, overlong, fantastically colorful musical. (International Herald Tribune)

Review links:

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