Qualities Of A Good Drama Teacher

Many readers of The Drama Teacher are university students, graduate teachers new to this wonderful profession, teachers returning to the Drama classroom after time away and others who have been allocated a Drama class, but may not have any formal training in the field.

Having taught high school Drama for 23 years, today I thought I’d blog what I believe are the necessary qualities of a good Drama teacher. Some are common to all teachers, regardless of discipline, while others are skills and traits a little more specific to the teaching of Drama. I hope this list helps some of you out there.

In no particular order of importance, a Drama teacher needs to be:

  • creative
  • patient
  • analytical
  • confident
  • animated
  • kind
  • approachable
  • imaginative
  • supportive
  • trustworthy
  • respectful
  • knowledgable
  • passionate
  • intelligent
  • emotional

This is not a definitive list by any means. Feel free to add your own in the comments box below.

5 Responses

  1. jonathan mghanga says:

    wow, that’s great from which country do you teach drama

  2. Edgardo says:

    “Qualities Of A Good Drama Teacher” celebrationofcourageevent actually enables me
    ponder a somewhat more. I really loved each and every particular piece of this blog post.
    Thanks for your effort ,Sherlyn

  3. Godoni yohana says:

    A good teacher of drama.1.should love drama,here a teacher is advised to watch different dramas as his references 2.should be critique,he/she should be able to critisize and appreciate dramas critically composed by other dramatists 3.competent-it comes through reading books,watching dramas and teacher’s creativity 4.should be funny to make his/her students get interested in the discipline 5.makes students get involved in learning drama practically 6.should be open minded(allows challenges and additions from students for better achievement.NB.Other qualities are available for request.

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