Revised VCE Drama Study Design 2014-2018

During 2012, the current VCE Drama Study Design was revised for implementation in 2014. This is relevant to local readers of The Drama Teacher, only.

The revised Study Design has just been published in advance by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

Changes to the new Study Design include:

  • descriptors for a number of key terms
  • changes to the dramatic elements (plus new descriptors)
  • changes to the performance skills (plus new descriptors)
  • tightening of play-making techniques (plus new descriptors)
  • changes to Unit titles 2, 3 and 4.
  • changes to the nature of Unit 4 Outcome 1 (short solo performance)

Revised VCE Drama Study Design 2014-2018

Revised VCE Drama Advice for Teachers document

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