Spider-Man’s First Preview

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark turned on the lights at Foxwoods Theatre in New York last night. Nine years in the making and many delays later, Broadway’s most ambitious show yesterday opened to the public for the first time.

Initial reactions seem to be what most in the industry expected, including spectacular flying sequences over the audience’s heads and several technical hitches resulting in a number of stops. By Broadway standards last night’s performance may have seemed more like a technical rehearsal than the opening preview, but take one look at last night’s 60 Minutes television footage (below) and its not hard to see why.

The clock is ticking. Only six weeks left to sort out the glitches before opening night on 11 January 2011. For a show this size, it looks like the creative team may be working a little holiday overtime.

The New York Times Preview Review

For Drama/Theatre teachers reading this post, the 60 Minutes TV article below, is 14 minutes of behind-the-scenes musical theatre bliss! The footage includes fantastic shots of the Spider-Man scenery at various stages of production. Well worth showing your students.

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