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  1. annie fiume says:

    hi Justin,
    no images are showing on any of the image pages. I have tried both explorer and chrome.

    1. Hi Annie, thanks for notifying me of this issue. Found the culprit. A conflict with another plugin behind the scenes on the site was stopping those image slideshows from appearing. Seems to be fixed now. Refresh the page and all should be good again. Let me know if you are still having problems. – Justin

  2. Great used in conjunction with images of people to create locations and characters to stimulate stories. Thanks.

  3. Martina Baasner says:

    Dear Justin,
    thank you so much for this impressive collection – looking at the photos you have ideas already which ones you can use for what tasks.
    Being from Germany, I thought that your ‘Venice’ pic must be Hamburg’s Speicherstadt which I know well and which is large enough for the type of boat you see. It is an old harbour area with very high buildings where goods were stored in the last century after ships had brought them in. Soon another spectacular Hamburg harbour view will be finished – the Elbphilharmonie. Not as beautiful as Sydney Opera, but impressive all the same.
    Venice’s canals are much smaller, more romantic and only small boats are allowed so as not to ruin the city foundations. The shops there often feature theatrical goods and masks galore. I think I took 500 pictures on one day alone.
    Best wishes and thanks again,

    (I’ll be doing a backstage tour in the Berliner Ensemble on Oct 31, will try to take photos)

    1. Thanks for your comments and information, Martina. I have renamed that pic of Hamburg’s Speicherstadt. Thanks for spotting this. Your upcoming backstage tour of the Berliner Ensemble sounds exciting. I do hope they let you take photos! Would love to see some :-). I remember back in 2008 doing a tour of the Metropolitan Opera House in NY and they wouldn’t let us take photos. I’d never been in a theatre so big (6 levels, 3,800 seats). Of course, all I wanted to do was take photos, dammit! – Justin