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  1. Hi Justin,
    Your stimulus images are wonderful.
    Would you be able to email them to me to use in my classes next year?
    Thanks a million

    1. Justin Cash says:

      Of course, Krysta. Thanks for the compliment. Sent!

  2. Could you identify the source for the image with the best in the forest with the ‘boy’ with his back to the camera?
    I am interested in using it a source but need to know its origins , can you help ?

  3. Hi there,
    These images are great – please could I also be emailed them if possible?
    Many thanks

  4. Desmond Hickey says:


    Please share,



  5. Hi there, these images look perfect for an activity I’m thinking about in my classroom. Are you able to email them to me?

    1. Justin Cash says:

      In your inbox, Chloe. Enjoy! – Justin

  6. Ruth Ann Roazario says:

    Am a drama teacher these pic are lovely, I am not able to print out the picture can you please may me [email protected]
    thank you

    1. Justin Cash says:

      Hi Ruth, these pictures are now in your inbox. So sorry for the delay. – Justin

      1. Justin Cash says:

        Ruth, email address supplied is not working 🙁

  7. Chanda Khaturia says:

    Im a drama teacher in India and am constantly looking for images to set the imagination of my students rolling. These pictures are brilliant and I cannot wait to use them in my classroom. Please can you email them to me for download. Thanks in advance

  8. Megan Davies says:

    Hi Justin,

    Are you able to email through the Fantasy pics so l can print them off? Thank you for the email on Monday you sent through with the other categories.
    My Yr 12 class loved uses them as a warm up.