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  1. Hi Justin,
    Your stimulus images are wonderful.
    Would you be able to email them to me to use in my classes next year?
    Thanks a million

  2. Could you identify the source for the image with the best in the forest with the ‘boy’ with his back to the camera?
    I am interested in using it a source but need to know its origins , can you help ?

  3. Hi there, these images look perfect for an activity I’m thinking about in my classroom. Are you able to email them to me?

  4. Im a drama teacher in India and am constantly looking for images to set the imagination of my students rolling. These pictures are brilliant and I cannot wait to use them in my classroom. Please can you email them to me for download. Thanks in advance

  5. Hi Justin,

    Are you able to email through the Fantasy pics so l can print them off? Thank you for the email on Monday you sent through with the other categories.
    My Yr 12 class loved uses them as a warm up.