Stimulus Images for Drama: Surrealism

Here’s a collection of 50 surreal images that can be used as stimulus material in drama class for creating characters, improvisations and performances.

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Consider using these images in connection with other stimulus image collections on The Drama Teacher:

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38 Responses

  1. Tatiana Ohotin says:

    I don’t know how stumbled across this fabulous site…..but it is amazing! Thank you so much for your amazing work.

  2. Craig says:

    Thank you for your efforts. Appreciate your time.

    Yes another one asking for these beautiful images for class if possible.

    Wishing you all the future success.

  3. James Colley says:

    Could I please get a copy of these pics for my Drama class. They are fantastic!

  4. Samantha Smith says:

    Am I able to receive a copy of these please as opposed to trying to save each one?

  5. Kathleen says:

    These are fantastic! Thank you for finding them. Could you send them to me to use in my IB drama classes? Thank you!

  6. Raymond says:

    Hi there! Loving the website and the images you have selected here! Would it be possible if I could grab a copy of the images please?!

  7. Sharon Rother says:

    How does one go about saving these images for classroom use? Would so appreciate them. They are fabulous

  8. Sara Young says:

    These are great images. Please would you email a copy to me? Much appreciated!

  9. Glynis Angell says:

    Thanks for these excellent images. I can’t wait to use them. Would you please email them to me?

  10. Trina Wilson says:

    Hi Justin,
    Thank you for all the work you do and share!
    May I also request these terrific images be emailed to me?
    Thank you!

  11. Michelle Vendy says:

    These are so fantastic, Justin! Could I please be like everyone else and ask you to email me the files so I can use them with my classes? Thanks so much!

  12. Lucy says:

    These are incredible – could you please send me them?

    Kind regards,

  13. Kim says:

    Hi there! These are amazing and would love them for my Stage 3 class please!

    Many thanks

  14. Hannah says:

    Hi Justin,
    Thanks for the great images! Would it be possible to get the images sent as a file for use in my Year 10 class?

  15. Dean Holley says:

    Hi Justin,

    Love the surrealism pictures, would be amazing as a starting point for an art project we are doing this term at school.

    Would it not be too cheeky to ask if you could email them to me too?


    Dean 🙂

  16. Lawrence Espinosa says:

    Kudos Justin!

  17. Mervyn Chivers says:

    I would love to use these images in my classes. Stimulation plus!
    If you are able to email them to me….huge thanks, Justin.

  18. Lauren White says:

    These images are fantastic Justin. Would you be able to email me the file so that I can use them with my Year 10 class?

  19. Fiona says:

    What a discovery. Thank you .

  20. Lynneve Jane Clayton (nee Collard) says:

    For some reason, I couldn’t get any pictures to load.

  21. Maryanne Marron says:

    Brilliant Justin ! Thanks so much for this rich resource.

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