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Saliu Funsho Abdulsaheed
3 years ago

Thanks for this educative write up.

5 years ago

Please define symbolism in clear terms.

6 years ago

Hello, good text, but what are your references to help me use in academic read?

6 years ago

Please, could you define the term symbolism? Possibly in simple terms
Replying ASAP would be great thanks 🙂

Reply to  Anna
6 years ago

I need that too! Just something simple, please!

Joycy Cute
8 years ago

Thank u for this website! very very helpful

Chloe James
9 years ago

Is that because you’re a dummy?

9 years ago

wha the hell r u talking about i need a definition for dummies

Reply to  wwowwww
7 years ago

lmaoo ahaha

Rex Austin Barrow
17 years ago

The greatest thing about the symbolic movement is that it was almost like a permission slip for other artists to disagree or find new ways of expression, and it led to a variety of other ‘isms that we take as commonplace today.