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  1. Saliu Funsho Abdulsaheed says:

    Thanks for this educative write up.

  2. Hello, good text, but what are your references to help me use in academic read?

  3. Please, could you define the term symbolism? Possibly in simple terms
    Replying ASAP would be great thanks 🙂

    1. I need that too! Just something simple, please!

  4. Joycy Cute says:

    Thank u for this website! very very helpful

  5. Chloe James says:

    Is that because you’re a dummy?

  6. wha the hell r u talking about i need a definition for dummies

  7. Rex Austin Barrow says:

    The greatest thing about the symbolic movement is that it was almost like a permission slip for other artists to disagree or find new ways of expression, and it led to a variety of other ‘isms that we take as commonplace today.