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2014 Top Class Drama and Theatre Studies Performer Lists

Local readers of The Drama Teacher will know I am always a big supporter of the annual VCAA Season of Excellence, which includes Top Class Drama and Top Class Theatre Studies concerts. Showcasing some of...


Drama Victoria Conference 2013

I hope local readers of The Drama Teacher have booked one or two days for the upcoming Drama Victoria conference at The University of Melbourne this Thursday and Friday. The largest annual conference of its...


Discuss Your Ideas On The Forum

Did you know The Drama Teacher has a forum where you can discuss various aspects of drama education with other like-minded people? Sometimes on The Drama Teacher you can’t find a post that directly relates...


Rigour and Discipline in Drama

Let’s face it, too many students view drama as a soft, easy (or ‘bludge’) subject at school. Sometimes we find ourselves fighting for our own credibility as a subject on the curriculum, so the easiest...