Teacher Notes for Odyssey

Odyssey. Image: Identity Theatre.

Local teachers of VCE Drama should be aware Identity Theatre will soon present their one-man drama Odyssey, starring Andreas Litras, as part of the 2012 VCE Drama playlist for students.

A monodrama that weaves the migration of the performer’s family from Greece to Australia and then his own upbringing, with that of the story of Odysseus, this show is perfect for VCE Drama students and their understanding of non-naturalistic theatre. Odyssey is also highly relevant for later in the academic year, as seeing this production will enable students to better comprehend the various techniques available to them in the construction of a solo performance.

Below are teacher notes for Odyssey written by Identity Theatre. They serve as excellent preparation material in understanding both the play’s narrative and the many theatrical conventions used in this performance.

Odyssey teacher notes

Identity Theatre & performance details

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