The Arts Included in Australia’s National Curriculum

This is unquestionably one of the most exciting posts in recent months on The Drama Teacher, as today the Arts has officially been included in Phase Two of Australia’s upcoming National Curriculum!

Last December, I blogged a disturbing post about how the Arts was absent from Australia’s National Curriculum planning. But after several months of various arts education organisations lobbying Government, including Drama Australia on behalf of all Australian Drama teachers, it was the NAAE, the National Advocates for Arts Education who became our national voice in Canberra.

After a meeting in Adelaide today between federal, state and territory education ministers, Peter Garrett, Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts has issued a press release detailing the Arts, both visual and performing, will be included in Phase Two alongside Geography and Languages Other Than English in the new National Curriculum.

The next hurdle? Now we have to convince Government that the Performing Arts in Australian schools includes more than just music education……..

Please read the following media release for more information:


Comments are welcome, fellow Drama teachers!

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  1. Fiona Mackenzie says:

    In regards to teaching non-European theatre, perhaps study ‘Wayang’ Theatre?

  2. Sam H says:

    I am a Drama teacher in the NT and I think that aspects of including Drama has some flaws. When you live in place such as this(NT) you quickly become aware of the intracacies of the culture which is not Melourne or Sydeny and has very much its own particular style and influences. It is the closest place to Asia and has , at last glance , around twenty-or more indigenous languages present. This poses some difficulties to teaching Drama but also must be considered when approaching the subject. Most of what I know is very Euro -centric, which I very much enjoy, but some wholisitic understand of locale in context to arts and expression must be included within the curriculum framework .

    So who are the ‘Great’s’ to inspire our students if this is the case. … Boal?

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