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  1. It is wonderful at my age of 81+ to be able to read about EPIC THEATRE again—-as I did in 1970 when I was a grad student studying acting AND B.B! Gosh: to have such a brilliancy of mind as to study medicine and write plays and collaborate and teach…….etc!
    Anyway, somewhere in all my STUFF is my graduate thesis on BRECHT 😇

    One outstanding value really and happily surprised me about B.B. :
    That is that B.B. NEVER WANTED THE AUDIENCES TO FORGET THAT THEY WERE WATCHING A PLAY! Or at least that they are in a Theatre! Wow!
    Well, gotta feed my loving cat for the night🙂😊

    1. Woops! Forgot to add the epic theatre article link at the very start. Fixed now. Added expressionism link as well. Thanks for your feedback Aaron. – Justin