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  1. Phil Fisher says:

    It is wonderful at my age of 81+ to be able to read about EPIC THEATRE again—-as I did in 1970 when I was a grad student studying acting AND B.B! Gosh: to have such a brilliancy of mind as to study medicine and write plays and collaborate and teach…….etc!
    Anyway, somewhere in all my STUFF is my graduate thesis on BRECHT ?

    One outstanding value really and happily surprised me about B.B. :
    That is that B.B. NEVER WANTED THE AUDIENCES TO FORGET THAT THEY WERE WATCHING A PLAY! Or at least that they are in a Theatre! Wow!
    Well, gotta feed my loving cat for the night??

  2. Nice post. But for those who don’t know, it would be nice to explain the characteristics or hallmarks of Epic Theatre and Expressionism.

    1. Woops! Forgot to add the epic theatre article link at the very start. Fixed now. Added expressionism link as well. Thanks for your feedback Aaron. – Justin