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D. Lee
11 years ago

That is so scary, but would love if I saw it happen. I teach K-5 Drama and they talk, talk, talk, talk, talk and not on task. Any advice? I’m a first year teacher with my degree in Theatre, so I’m definitely dealing with on the job training and trying to add more rigor into the class. AS you said in another post, they already see my class as nothing more than recess- how do I reel them all in when they know my grade won’t make or break them?

11 years ago

I agree entirely! Fortunately, the Drama curriculum can easily become flexible to students’ own interests and passions, and can be student-led. Many theorists are proposing that ‘all’ education should be student-driven, and that many current models of education are now outdated. Check out the wonderful work of Sugata Mitra, shared via TED Talks, including ‘Build a School in the Cloud’ – http://on.ted.come/dRVB – and ideas on student organised learning environments (SOLE), and flipped classrooms.

Judith Herbig
11 years ago

I so agree with you on this matter! I so often want to control and shape every little thing my Drama learners do but when I (often in exasperation!) “give up” – they surprise me working on their own and like you say if they are engaged with the work, they become quite innovative and creative. I suppose most Drama teachers are strong and dynamic, but we have to learn to trust that what we’ve taught our learners will eventually sink in and they will shine and show us that they can do wonderful work.