The Book Of Mormon

For at least five of the past fourteen years Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been writing South Park episodes for television, they have also been busy creating their new Broadway musical, The Book of Mormon. Teaming up with Avenue Q composer Robert Lopez, the boys look like they have a winner on their hands.

If early reviews are anything to go by, The Book of Mormon has been almost universally acclaimed. Will this show offend? Well, you’d be offended if it didn’t, right? The story of two young Mormons on a pilgrimage from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Uganda, The Book of Mormon cunningly pays homage in song and dance to many of our famous musicals of times gone by.

When The New York Times review is gushing in its praise, The Book of Mormon is surely in for good times ahead.

The New York Times Review (print)

The New York Times Review (video)

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