The Bullying Continues…

Further to a recent post about unnecessary bullying of Drama teachers in the workplace, my “colleague” is at it again only a few days later!

Stupid me left a thank you card from a student in a public place at school, which my “colleague” in question discovered, colour photocopied to an inch of the likeness of the original, and then proceeded to create his own version of the card. OK, you’d think I’d learn after last week leaving a past Yr 12 Drama exam in the photocopier! Of course, he “accidentally” replaced the new card for the old and left it in the staff lounge for all to see. Here’s what it said:

Dear Cashy,

Thanks for teaching me everything about Drama and stuff. I’m really confadent now, and my spelling is unreall. Last week, I was such a good tree, that a dog came up and peed on me. Thanks for teaching me that drama can lead to really great careers, like drama teaching. I’m hoping to get into uni and study drama there, specialising in comedy (coz we didn’t cover that yet) and being the best rock I can be.

Love your Yr 12 class.

I need to seek revenge on my colleague. I’m thinking along the lines of “So You Think You Can Teach”….. or similar. Suggestions welcome!

(BTW, the “bully” in question teaches Religious Education, would you believe it!).

3 Responses

  1. Justin Cash says:

    Thanks for your support guys!

    Ziad, those lessons showing Kath and Kim were only half as good as the Monty Python and Fawlty Towers videos! They were the lessons in which I would look around in the darkness of the classroom to see two passing staff who had dropped in from the corridor outside to stay and watch the comedy.

    Michael, how funny that you told my bullying story in your staffroom today! Not so funny that you got bullied yourself, as a result, though 🙁

  2. Michael (micoke) says:

    I told your story in the staff room today…..and then copped some bullying as well.

    We are just an understood breed.

  3. Ziad says:

    I cannot believe this, Justin. You poor soul! How can our colleague claim that you don’t do comedy in Drama. I can attest to the fact that you spend many lessons showing the girls episodes of Kath and Kim!

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