The Drama Teacher Gets Married!

Hey folks, I just wanted to apologise for not making many posts in the past couple of weeks. But, as you can see below, I had a good excuse! I was busy planning my wedding. So it’s back to normal on The Drama Teacher from here on and more regular posts on the way…. Justin.


6 Responses

  1. Justin Cash says:

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!

  2. Christina says:

    So fantastic!!! Wow, congratulations Justin. You both look wonderfully happy. xx

  3. Cath Rankin says:

    Congratulations – you both look very happy. Enjoy.

  4. Cathi Cash says:

    You make a beautiful couple. Your wife is naturally beautiful – your good looks must run in your family! Big Sis xx

  5. Justin Cash says:

    Thanks Borbs!

  6. Borbs says:

    Wow, what great news! You two look FANTASTIC in that picture! May you have fun and happiness, always.

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