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4 years ago

Dear Justin,
I am writing about the use of Brecht’s alienation theory in Dogville. Can you help me with it ?

5 years ago

Please can you explain why then is it after all classified as a movie?

7 years ago

I found this post whilst doing research for an undergraduate essay on Dogville and theatre, and I really enjoyed it. I have just one pedantic bone to pick however, which I hope you don’t mind me pointing out, I believe the narrator in the film is John Hurt not Anthony Hopkins. Anyway, thank you for writing a piece about epic theatre and Dogville that is actually easy to understand!

7 years ago

Ah, Justin–SUPER helpful post. I just YESTERDAY began talking with my IB Theatre 2 students about Brecht, and mentioned many of the conventions you do—but now I’ll have a good visual other than merely selected stills. Thank you.

Roz Manly
7 years ago

Justin thank you so much for this! I loved ‘Dogville’ and its sparse style (despite not being a fan of Brecht!) But your explanation of how it meets Brechts Epic theatre means I can introduce it to students within a context. I agree its extreme stylistic presentation would be awesome for demonstrating style and I may have to go back to my draft VCE drama plan for 2017 and make some amendments!