The Five Art Forms Of The Australian Curriculum

Richard Gill, Music Director of the Victorian Opera, wrote a great article in The Age newspaper on Monday reminding people there are five art forms in the upcoming Australian Curriculum: dance, drama, media, music and the visual arts.

Finally, Gill noted, we now have an opportunity for all Australian school children to be taught all five art forms, mandated in the Australian Curriculum. One would think that would be a no brainer for an even share of the pie, yes? No! The visual arts community is apparently asking for 50% of the air time just for their discipline, with the remaining 50% to be shared among the other four art forms. Crazy, yes it is. As much as I love and respect them, there’s no way the visual arts teachers in my school are getting 50% of the arts teaching, while I hack around with the left-overs from their dinner plate teaching Drama.

The sooner we accept all art forms as equal, the better this new curriculum will be for us all. Methinks the rumblings are coming from the same visual arts consortium in New South Wales that had an hysterical response to the recent Draft Shape Paper for The Arts, instead of a considered critical response like the rest of the arts education community across Australia.

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