The Great Escape

drama class

year 9


written all over their faces




arrived at Drama

sanctuary for some

utopia for others

unusually large number of students in this class

love drama to the max

devour activities at lightning speed

always wanting more

nothing special in my teaching

just lucky

dynamics is king

place them in groups with their friends

hope for the best



watch more

no one left out in the cold

shy students looked after

loud students accommodated

haven’t seen bullying all term

doesn’t anyone want to misbehave?

quality of work increases

as students leech off others

wanting to excel

helicopter teaching is the worst

teach them the skills

empower students

facilitate from the side

interrupt a scene in rehearsal

and get told to leave!

we’re rehearsing!

off they go again


i’m bored in my own classroom

lesson’s about to end

some have finished rehearsing

a small group having fun

with Indian accents in the corner

the Indian girl is teaching her group

others give it a try

it’s all drama, yeah?


time to finish class

most of them don’t want to leave

a student suggests one whole day a week

should just be drama class

they go home and talk




to their parents

who think they are only studying

one subject this semester

who said school sucks?

not if you’ve planned

the great escape

to Drama

3 Responses

  1. Thank you Margaret. You’re too kind!

  2. Margaret Branscombe says:

    I disagree. I read it to my Narrative Methods class and they loved it!

  3. I’ve received a few emails since this post. Apparently, I should stick to drama teaching and leave poetry to the literature teachers …. šŸ™

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