The Investigation: A Dramatic Reading of The Mueller Report

If you ever thought you’d like to read the official transcripts of the Mueller Report, but couldn’t get through all 448 pages with your sanity intact, then this one might be for you!

Last week, a cast of well-known actors engaged in a dramatic reading of sections of the Mueller Report in New York’s Riverside Church, with the help of playwright Robert Schenkkan’s adaptation. Titled The Investigation: A Search for Truth in Ten Acts, each of the ten segments of the reading covers the ten instances of potential obstruction of justice by President Trump.

Image: NBC Philadelphia

The cast includes John Lithgow (President Trump), Kevin Kline (Robert Mueller), Annette Bening (narrator) and Jason Alexander, to name just a few. I’m not sure how many “rehearsals” the cast had (if any), but the end result is a mix of dramatic reading and simply …. well …. reading. It is the Mueller Report, after all!

Nevertheless, this 75-minute live reading was strangely engaging. If this tickles your fancy, watch the full “show”, below.

Alternatively, you could always download the full report from the Justice Department website (XXXXXX redacted XXXXXX, of course). But be sure to put a new ream of paper in the printer, first!


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