The Sounds of AUS (DVD)


If you’re doing work on Australian Drama with your students at any time, there’s a great DVD on the Australian accent (or should I say accents) I’d like to recommend. This show was first screened on ABC Television Australia in November 2007.

The Sound of AUS is an excellent documentary about the Aussie accent, something us Australians take for granted. When overseas it is our calling card, as the Aussie accent is recognised in almost every corner of the globe. At the same time, it is regarded as one of the most difficult accents to imitate.

This DVD covers the origins of the Australian accent, the debate over whether there is one (or three) distinct Australian accents currently in place, and whether each major location in Australia has their own unique accent? People interviewed include speech pathologists, film makers, comedians, sporting personalities, well known Australian actors and everyday Aussies on the street.

Do Queenslanders speak differently to Melburnians? Do those in Adelaide pronounce their vowels differently to their friends in the eastern states? Do Tasmanians have a drawl? And what about those living in outback Australia?

This is a very educational and entertaining DVD for teachers and students (well, my students loved it!).

55 minutes, plus extras.

John Clarke

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  1. Francis says:

    I am desperatly looking for this movie, but I can´t find any way to buy or watch it…. Can you help me? That would be amazing

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