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3 years ago

It’s interesting that the different perspectives of the audience are also to be considered when it comes to live theatre shows. A friend of mine is starting to become more interested in watching theatrical performances after recently becoming a fan of musicals. She only ever watched musicals as movies so she might have a very different experience actually watching a live show.

Bec Robinson
6 years ago

So how do I get my hands on recordings of LIVE theatre as specified by syllabus documents when I live 6 hours from the nearest metro centre? Found Digital Theatre but it doesn’t have much of what I’m looking for. Ideas???

12 years ago

I try to get my kids to as much as they can – there isn’t much quality locally. About 5 professional shows come here a year – some real duds, every now and then a gem. It’s a long, expensive trip to Melbourne but has to be done.