Theatre Obsessions

Today I was reading an article in a foreign newspaper about people’s obsessions with seeing stage shows. Did you know there are people who see the same Broadway musical dozens and dozens of times?


There’s a lady who saw American Idiot 146 times in its 13-month run and has now seen the musical Once not once, but 95 times and counting. Just to prove she didn’t have any favourites, the same woman saw Priscilla: Queen of the Desert on Broadway 75 times and Spring Awakening 30 times. She arrives at the theatre at 6:30am to get the first of that evening’s rush (cheaper) tickets to the show.

Okay, so the most I’ve seen a stage show is four times (Hairspray) and that was more a matter of circumstance than obsession. But at the time, I did question whether I was going insane or just having a damn good time?

Why do people see the same theatre show again and again? I know it is a different experience each night in the theatre, but it is the same show, isn’t it? Doesn’t a musical get boring after 39 visits?

Time to own up if you have been obsessed with a play or musical. See that comments box below? Fess up if you loved a show just a little too much and saw it way too many times!

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