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  1. I think it is so amazing that this is where we are in society. I wish that we could all distance ourselves from the pain and confusion and loss like Brecht wants us to do as an audience.

  2. Ron Roberts
    The theater of the absurd is happening all around us, right now.
    We needto bring the absurd to the streets in a joyous celebration of the insanity in us all. Time to add a little color back into the act

    1. Thank you so much for the extremely organised and clear notes! They have helped me immensely, as lots of useful information is presented in such a succinct manner, meaning i don’t have to read pages and pages of writing to find the one sentence that i actually need.

      Thank you again!

  3. Miss faida ! are you done with your theise. ??Now I am doing my master thseis on absurdist tropes in Muhammad Hanif’s red birds. can you help me out?

  4. Amazing and perfect for students understanding. I found it very helpful and easy.Thanks

  5. I am doing w thesis of master degree about Absurd Theatre (the zoo story / who is afraid of virgenia woolf written By Edward Albee ) i’ll be thankful if you can help me bye some resources . thanks a lot

  6. This is an excellent summary brings back memories of undergraduate Theatre study. I really enjoy reading the entries from this blog, thank you again

  7. Just a note, my lecturer at University used to point at the language of Beckett as ‘poetic’, especially in Waiting for Godot.