Theatre on New York Harbor!

Here’s one like (very) few others! A full-scale theatre production opening in New York Harbor!

The Mabou Mines Theatre Company, apparently well known for its fearless experimentation, has just mounted a show on a specially fitted multi-story 90-foot barge. Complete with actors, musicians and two 28-foot towers, the performance takes place before an audience on deck chairs watching intently from ashore.

Intended as a celebration of New York City, at the heart of Songs of New York is five poems, each written for a different borough of the city and sung by actors to an original composition performed by musicians … all on board the barge.

Anyone interested in the logisitical nightmare involved in mounting not just any old theatre show, but one coordinatiing everyone from the police to the coast guard, then have a look at this fasicnating behind-the-scenes article from the New York Times, just prior to opening night.

Newpaper article/s linked to from this post may require free registration for viewing.

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