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  1. Great site, thanks! Doing our first theatre Sports show in 2 years in Windhoek, Namibia… any suggestions?

  2. Hi Justin, wish you were sydney based! hosting a theatre sports birthday party- do you know anyone in sydney who i could hire to run the games? Thank! Elle

  3. Peta Burchell says:

    sadly the link to “sheer idiocy” goes to a japanese banking site…?????

    1. Ha! Sheer idiocy indeed, Peta! Their website no longer exists, but I found an archived version. Link fixed.

  4. I think joining a theatresports team is a great extra-curricular idea for young people to meet others with similar interests, skill develop and have fun. I use some theatresports/games in context when linked to other learning (games in context) but I would be concerned if anyone was teaching “Theatresports” as a whole term unit or topic to any age level. Great for teaching the skills of performance – linked to dramatic elements and/or conventions of a particular style – they can be useful – but they are tools rather than a “topic” or “unit” in its own right.

  5. Drama Queen says:

    How can i change ma face??????

    1. Justin Cash says:

      You can’t change your face. Sorry 🙁

  6. Drama Queen says:

    Rarararar… i ama lion, or should it be a tiger

  7. Drama Queen says:

    Hey, i <3 Drama……………. I am studying theatre sports at school…. is 'Time Warp' one…..reply if u like this game toooo

    1. yes and timewarp is AWESOME

  8. I have to find a drama game for school any ideas?

  9. Ray Pearson says:

    I am looking for a Theatre Sport group to visit my school in Greenacre Sydney. I cant find anything online. Can you help me?
    Regards Ray Pearson

    1. Justin Cash says:

      Ray, have you tried contacting Impro Australia? They are NSW-based and have various schools programs. If you don’t have luck there, contact your state drama teachers’ association Drama NSW. They should be able to put you in touch with the right company for a school Theatresports visit.

  10. Emily Bieber says:

    In drama we are studing theatre sports and its awsome!!!!!! We have an assesment comming up soon so it should be cool!

  11. Jasmine Noud says:

    I am studying theatresports @ school right now, and personally love death in a minute!

    1. i am living in turkey and in july i will move in canada.
      is there a theatresport school in canada?