Theatrica New York January 2009

If you’re a regular reader of The Drama Teacher, you’ll know I’m more than happy to promote a product or service relevant to Drama teachers or students if it is a worthwhile one.

After recently going on a trip to New York and Los Angeles with a group of my own students, I was more than impressed with every aspect of this tour, organised by Charles Slucki from Theatrica. If you visit the menu of archived posts on the right sidebar of this blog from 23/3/08 to 5/4/08, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. It was a fabulous performing arts tour that I highly recommend for Drama teachers and their students in Melbourne, Australia.

So, in the upcoming January summer holidays, the Theatrica group is running a teachers-only tour of New York, visiting many of the Broadway shows and sights that I recently saw back in March of this year. If you’d love to visit New York and see what all those Broadway shows have to offer, but are hesitant to take the students along and make it a school tour, then this teachers-only trip is just for you!

The tour leaves Melbourne on 7th January and returns on 19th January 2009. Below is a link to Theatrica’s website, where more information can be obtained and where all queries regarding the tour should be directed to. I have also posted a pdf of the tour brochure below, for your reading.

Theatrica Website

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