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10 years ago

I totally agree with all of this. After watching a colleague teach the yr 12’s for the past 7 years, I always felt the homework load given was enormous. After taking over the theatre studies class last year, I gave significantly less homework, the students were on top of all elements of the course (and best results in ten years!!) Love these articles Justin- real food for thought.

Justin Cash
Reply to  Edwina
10 years ago

Thanks Edwina. Such an interesting observation you posted here. My goal for 2014 is to get my senior students, in particular, to use class time as efficiently as possible and as a result, set less homework. Surely that’s motivation for any teenager! I’m hoping to run Year 12 Drama ensembles this semester without a single after-school rehearsal. My focus is on quality, not quantity. I’d rather assess a tightly edited and polished 18-minute ensemble performance developed entirely during scheduled classes, than assess a loose 30-minute ensemble performance that needed five after-school rehearsals just to get the task completed.