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  1. I only censor the exciting stuff, folks! Someone wrote ‘hello’. It was just too deep for this blog, so I had to delete it. Sorry.

  2. Interesting point.

    I only attended two of the three Top Class sessions on the 7th and 22nd April. Speaking from this perspective and ignoring both my student in Top Acts and others of mine in Top Class, yes, I agree, there may have been other choices they could have made for the Drama Solos in the Top Acts program.

    From everyone I have spoken to, there was only one dead ringer for Top Acts, and that was Liam O’Kane with The Security Guard. It would have been hard for the selection panel to ignore this one!

    An unlucky candidate who in my opinion may have got into Top Acts on any other year was another Shakespearean Character by Gemma Kelly from Kilbreda College (the performance with the oversized roses). Another would have been Daniel Heron from Haileybury College with his interpretation of Pride, which as previously blogged, probably demonstrated the best use of exaggerated movement by a student I have seen (he was the performer with the whiteface make-up and darkened eyes in a very ‘scary’ solo).

    Other than that, perhaps at Top Acts, Ashleigh Gardner from Kilbreda College performed her Shakespearean Character to a standard a little under what she demonstrated at Top Class (it just hit me, both the ‘model’set’ and ‘oversized roses’ Shakespearean Characters were from the same class, hence the similarities in style).

    I believe all four studies had stronger and slightly weaker performances at Top Acts. I don’t think the three Theatre Studies monolologues were any stronger than the four Drama solos and im my opinion, it was probably Music that shone above the rest (although Music also was not 100% consistent in standard amongst all performers).

    I’d love to know the selection criteria for Top Acts, as it must be more than just talent alone. Gotta say I was certainly impressed with the standard at Top Class this year.

  3. What a great post Justin. I was definitely enthralled by the talent on stage on Friday night. But after taking my class to all 3 Top Class Drama concerts I couldn’t help but think there may have been better solos to show current VCE students and the general public. I was still amazed by all performers and I give them full credit for their fantastic work but it felt like all the other subjects had that little bit extra on us. I’d be interested to see what you think.

  4. Cashy… it was love. I loved it all… i sat there surrounded by my fellow yr 12 drama class, yr 11 drama students and even yr 12 music students loving every minute of it.
    I loved the fact that i got to see the BRILLIANT drama solo’s again
    I loved watching the dance solo’s and learning about what is required of them
    and i loved the music… Cashy once you’ve found out if those two make a CD… LET ME KNOW STRAIGHT AWAY!!… during “Chicken Feed” i turned to the girl next to me and said “oh please let him release an album”
    I was truelly inspired. Loved loved loved it all. ellie and i walked out and said that we wanted to get into top acts just so we could MEET people like that.
    As for Liam O’Kane… at musical rehearsals a whole group of us were quoting him all day… THATS WHEN YOU KNOW YOU’VE GOT A GREAT SOLO…
    Best be off
    peace out!