Top Acts!

Picture this.

A Drama teacher jumping up and down with joy around the corridors of school like a young child on a trampoline (or for those of you in Australia reading this blog, think of the ‘jump’ in the Toyota ads). While others were having meetings in offices nearby, Justin’s professionalism in the workplace temporarily disappears to make way for sheer joy and excitement.


One of my students from last year made it through from Top Class to Top ACTS! Yep, pinched myself a hundred times, rang VCAA to confirm and then proceeded to run around like a lunatic a bit more to get rid of all that energy!

Georgie Pardalis, who performed Helena Rubenstein (‘Beauty Queen’) at Top Class last Saturday 22nd April is one of four Drama students selected to perform her solo character exam one more time for Top Acts at Hamer Hall, Arts Centre on Friday 19th May.

So, so proud of you Georgie! All the girls at Avila are proud of you, too!

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  1. brig says:

    AHHH! yay hip hip hooray
    thats so awesome cash dog!
    georgie YAY
    im overjoyed.. gives me faith in avila’s drama department and all that jazzle
    disappointing that we cant go coz im ensemble night… DARN
    congrats cashy, you must be over the moon!
    love brig.. bored and alone in adelaide

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