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  1. Izaac, you were fabulous. It is beyond belief that you didn’t make it to Top Acts. You only had one contender in the concert and it was not the other “King Of Horror” who went on to “Top Acts”. Totally wrong.

  2. Hey there ‘thedramateacher’ this is Izaac Marrinan, the guy who played the first king of horror thank you very much for the praise I really appreciate it. I actually feel quite touched as I visit this site often. So thank you very much for the feedback



    1. A pleasure, Izaac. Your performance at Top Class Drama was great! My students loved it. Congratulations.

  3. Hi Justin,
    I attended the second drama concert last week and agree with many of your comments. The stand out performers for me were Adam Fitzgerald-Quirk & Izaac Marrinan. Both did an excellent job however Adam faced a tough challenge coming out first without introduction. Having said that, his solo was easy to follow and very polished with the most simple prop of all. Both performers were a pleasure to watch – a pity that both “The King of Horror” performances were scheduled so close together.

    1. Hi Justine,
      What a surprise! Top class is no better than the reality shows on TV. Have you lost your touch? Lucky you didn’t put money on who would win – you would have lost.