Top Class Drama and Top Class Theatre Studies 2011

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority has announced the dates for Top Class Drama and Top Class Theatre Studies 2011.

For teachers unfamiliar with what Top Class actually is, each year the VCAA presents a series of concerts in all VCE arts subjects known as the Season of Excellence. Top Class Drama and Top Class Theatre Studies are part of this larger program. Students who received a perfect score from all three examiners (77 marks x 3 = exam score of 231/231) in either their Drama solo performance exam or Theatre Studies monologue performance exam in October, are invited to audition the same piece before the chief assessor for the study early the following year (normally January). The best of these are included in the Top Class Drama or Top Class Theatre Studies concerts in April. A very small selection from each of these arts concert go all the way to Hamer Hall in late May to perform at the Top Acts concert. Many drama teachers confuse Top Class with Top Acts and this is understandable!

Last year I was very fortunate, as 6 of my 14 students in my Year 12 Drama class received perfect score A+s for their solo performance examinations and were all invited to audition for Top Class Drama. 2 of these 6 students made it into the Top Class Drama concerts in April. One of these two was invited to perform at Top Acts at Hamer Hall; she was one of three Drama solo performances on the program and the only female student in the concert representing the study of Drama.

Teachers may have noticed a couple of changes for the 2010 concerts; the VCAA trialled a Friday evening concert and largely at the request of Drama Victoria, added a second Theatre Studies concert to the program. Both of these will exist again for the 2011 program. The beautiful Elisabeth Murdoch Hall at the Melbourne Recital Centre is once again the venue. Here are the dates for your calendar:

Friday 1 April 2011

10.30am Drama Concert 1

2.00pm Drama Concert 2

6.30pm Theatre Studies Concert 1

Saturday 2 April 2011

10.30am Theatre Studies Concert 2

2.30pm Drama Concert 3

Ticket prices $13.50 per student ($11.50 regional). Discounts available if attending multiple concerts. Ring Melbourne Recital Centre on (03) 9699 3333 or book online.

For teachers eager to discover whether their own students may get an invitation to audition for a Top Class concert, invitations arrive next week in the form of a letter from the VCAA to the student, in a separate envelope to their Year 12 results, sometimes the same day, but often the day after. Good luck everyone!

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  1. Kate Watson says:

    Hi how long does the Theatre studies concert go for? Because I’m coming in from the other side of Warragul

  2. gareth says:

    Has anyone heard a response from topclass in regards whether they got through the audition or not?

    • Justin Cash says:


      Those auditioning were told this year they would be notified by mid-February, if successful. One of my students received her Top Class letter from the VCAA on Thursday of last week. Safe to assume all letters were posted at the same time.

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