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  1. It’s so refreshing seeing someone so interested in Drama posting their opinions. I wish more teachers took your lead Cashy. I was there for most of the first concert but hunger got the better of me and I had to leave after the 2nd Pride to get food and get ready for my performance in the 4pm concert.

    Now I have to admit, I was blown away by so many moments in everyone’s performances.

    Let’s start with good old Rory. I am one of the three that “just got in there and did it” with Rory. We got in there, did it “hard at the start, hard at the middle and hard at the end.” HAHAHAHA!!!!! Anyway, let’s forget about the entertaining speech and talk about his performance. I’ve seen this piece evolve and it just gets better and better every time I see it. When the curtain rose I thought the light on the frame and chair looked absolutely fantastic, so regal. Rory did such a solid performance showing his amazing caricature skills.

    Then there was the Beauty Queen, Casey. I’d never seen a beauty queen done before so I didn’t know how I would react to it. It was definitely well rehearsed because she used that spinning mirror so damn much. I loved the “lies, cover-up” bits.

    Next, the CWA member, Tegan. She is obviously a very naturally funny person because she seemed so relaxed up on stage and her comedic timing was great. The pregnancy bit was great!

    Ford Prefect- Anthony. A character I had no idea about before I saw this performance. He looked like he was having so much fun on stage and had a LOT of fun with non-naturalism. The transformation of the hoop and the towel was so funny.

    Precious- Danielle. When she walked out in the fat suit I was already laughing. I’d only seen this character done really seriously and seeing it done with a bit of comedy was great. I thought the music that was coming from her suit was a mobile phone going off behind me!!! The Botswanian flag headdress was great and loved the accent.

    Pride- Justine. I thought this performance was absolutely fantastic. Loved her accent and transformations. Dancing and disjointed time sequences were great. She looked so natural on stage. Great symbolic use of gloves and cravat.

    I missed out on seeing Amelia and Kyle so I was a bit bummed at that. Got to see the last bit of Angus’ Shakespearean performance. Big boxes were great and the transformation of the rope was amazing. Rhythm created by drumming on the box was great.

    The 2 performances that really stood out for me though were Ashleigh’s Shakespearean character and Monique’s Asahina.

    I thought I’d be so jealous of all of the Shakespearean Characters and I was. Ashleigh’s performance was so fantastic on so many levels. Her language was so rhythmical and it was so tightly scripted. I will never forget the line “how do you like that for pathos!” Absolute genius! The puppet theatre was such a great idea and I loved her rhyming patterns. The language was so sophisticated but easy to follow and costume and movements suited the character perfectly.

    Monique’s performance was so physically demanding and was obviously known back the front. I couldn’t get over the amount of sound she created from her mouth and how that suited the moments perfectly. The use of the frame was great. I loved it how she had it around her head and shoulder, therefore not picking it up and dropping it all the time. That usually makes the performance look clumsy, but this one was great. Amazing transformations of character, movement and disjointed time sequences all contributed to this great solo.

    That’s my two cents worth on the first concert. I hope you all enjoyed the performances and I cant wait to see the third one on Saturday 22nd. I hope a few people read this and contribute their opinions about the 2 concerts so far because it’s so great to see what people think, like what could have been used better and what did you love/hate.

    Alrighty, have a good one…