Top Class & Top Acts Drama DVDs

As many of you in Victoria may know, the 2006 Top Class and Top Acts Drama DVDs are now available for sale.

I can highly recommend these for your Year 11 and 12 Drama students in 2007. Seeing other students’ excellent performances is a wonderful way to inspire your students in Drama (and occasioanlly scare them, too!) and more importantly, an opportunity for the class to sit down with the previous year’s solo performance exam structures and analyse exactly where students on the DVD met various criteria, plot dot points, dramatic elements and theatrical conventions.

This year (I believe for the first time) one of the three Top Class Drama sessions is also available on DVD. This is particularly useful, as in the past, we could only view the three or four Drama solos in amongst the music and dance on the Top Acts video (the final stage). But this time, you can view 11 Drama solo performances on the Top Class video as a separate purchase.

The Top Class DVD is full of very strong performances, as evidenced by 3 of the 11 solos in this session being chosen as 3 of the 4 solos for Top Acts. So, you could say, perhaps it may be more beneficial to just purchase the Top Class DVD.

On the Top Acts DVD you will see:

  • The Security Guard
  • The Beauty Queen (Helena Rubenstein)
  • The Enemy Alien
  • The Shakespearean Characer

On the Top Class DVD you will see:

  • 2 x The Shakespearean Character
  • 2 x Pride
  • The Country Women’s Association Member
  • The Beauty Queen (Helena Rubenstein)*
  • Precious Ramotswe
  • The Enemey Alien*
  • The Security Guard*
  • Asahino Daigo
  • The Resident

* denotes also on Top Acts DVD

Each DVD is worth $33 including GST and p&h, or a package deal of $60 for both the Top Class and Top Acts DVDs. Order forms can be found here (p.12).

My review of the Top Class session filmed for the DVD is here.

My review of Top Acts is here.


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