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Local readers of The Drama Teacher may have discovered TryBooking in the past few years, but I am sure there are many more who do not know of its existence.

TryBooking is a Melbourne-based company that offers excellent ticketing solutions for event organisers at very affordable prices. The service is excellent for Drama and Theatre teachers for school shows. Doesn’t matter whether it is a play, musical, an auditorium with more than one level, allocated or unallocated seating arrangements – TryBooking can handle it all.

I’ve used TryBooking for several school shows over the past few years and have found it a breeze. I highly recommend Drama teachers to use TryBooking for school shows. It takes all the cash handling and person power out of the equation and places everything online. Here’s a simple run-down:


  • The software is robust with few, if any bugs, so it is watertight.
  • Many options in seating and ticket pricing etc
  • Create your own seating plan (able to be exported)
  • Multiple reports, records of ticket purchasers, door lists, other data etc
  • Easy to follow prompts for ticket buyers
  • Searchable database of events if buyer does not know unique event URL
  • Buyers choose their own seat/s
  • Buyers print their own tickets
  • Once you get the hang of it, the software is pretty easy to use
  • Support PDFs with screenshots available on website
  • Phone support very helpful and friendly
  • Good training videos to assist the first time user (event organiser)
  • Free ticket scanning options for large events
  • Offline ticket purchasing possible (cheques, cash, invoices pre or post event)
  • All fees are transparent
  • 30c fee per ticket to buyer
  • 2.1% total revenue fee plus 50c per credit card transaction to organisers
  • Funds held in holding account until organiser transfers to bank account
  • Zero cost to organisers for free events (use of software completely free of charge)


  • Bit of a learning curve to initially understand the software
  • With so so many options, the menu system can be confusing navigating your way around
  • Phone assistance available only in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane (otherwise email support available)
  • To keep fees low, VISA and Mastercard only via website (PayPal needed)
  • No international options at this stage

3 Responses

  1. jenny123 says:

    I’m an Event Organiser & have been using Floktu. I love it ! A cool design & responsive to all devices – covers everything from branding & cloning to reporting & stats ! It’s cool !

  2. Hey Slim,

    No, I don’t believe TryBooking has a WordPress plugin.

  3. Slim says:

    Very cool. I’m choosing between eventbtite and You make me think of trybooking )) Eventbrte is popular, but too expensive. It would be nice to have wp plugin, eventbrite and ticketool both have plugins, what about trybooking?

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